I'll be talking about F# at both of the HDC events. "F# at the office - Real world uses for the functional language " Register. Go. Say hi.

A Polyglot Summer '08

July 17, 2008 Cleveland, OH
The Northeast Ohio Ruby Users Group Joe O'Brien and I will give a Polyglot talk on F# and Ruby and how they will warp your mind.

July 18, 2008 Cleveland, OH
Joe and I give a similar talk at the Progressive Insurance Developers Group.

July 26, 2008 Columbus, OH
PyOhio Registered speakers + Open Spaces. This is going to be a great event! Get registered ASAP if you aren't already scheduled to go to Columbus No Fluff Just Stuff.

Aug 4-8, 2008 Toronto
Agile 2008 This is the major Agile event each year. I've heard nothing but amazing reviews of events past. I probably wont make it, but you should and give me all the details!

Aug 9, 2008 Knoxville, TN
I'll be speaking at CodeStock with all of these amazing people! CodeStock is going to be one of the best events of the summer!

Aug 15-17, 2008 Columbus, OH
erubycon Joe has put together an amazing event with some phenomenal speakers! The only excuse to not be there is because you are going to Cincinnati No Fluff Just Stuff! I'm going to try to make both.

Aug 22-23, 2008 Nashville, TN
devLink It's devLink. Need I say more? Get registered, and get on the bus!

F# interview at TechEd Online

I interviewed Aaron Erikson at TechEd. What the F#?

Nine Questions with... Me!

Chris Williams is doing a series of blog posts called "Nine Questions" where he interviews people from the development community. This is such a cool idea! Go learn more about some of the people you have come to respect professionally. Oh yeah - and me!

Go give Chris some love! Blogus Maximus is very cool.

devLink Bus Passengers

The following people (in no particular order) are confirmed to be picked up in the following locations. Please contact me ASAP if anything is not correct. If you do not see your name on the list, please contact me via [email protected]. We are considering getting a bigger bus to accommodate the wait list.

*Note* There will be a cost associated with the bus. We are expecting the cost to be approximately $60 - $100 per passenger. This may go down based on sponsorship. This post will be updated as costs change.

Grand Rapids:
Doug Mac Fowler
Chris Woodruff
Matt Davis

Joe Kunk
Eric Vogel
Dave Redding
Paula Redding
David Smith
Jay Harris
Amy Harris

Jonathon Thorndycraft
George Azrak
Jennifer Marsman

Jamie Wright
Alan Barber

Joe Fiorini
Sarah Dutkiewicz
Corey Haines
Michael Letterle
Brandon Joyce


Gayle Craig
Steve Horn
Alex Moore
Bramha Ghash
John Boker
Ted Neward
Amanda Laucher
Matt Casto
Tim Wingfield
Jeff Blankenburg
James Bender
Brian Prince
Brian Sherwin
Alyssa Biederman
Darrin Ryan
Tony Miller
Matt Yoho
Steve Harman
Rick Kierner
Jim Holmes
Phil Jordan

Leon Gersing
Matt Brewer
Dan Hounshell
Mike Wood
Jennifer Griffin

Wait List:
Tony Bihn and Jordan Cobb Lansing

F# Book Rumors

Ted said it, so I don't have to. Thanks :)

Yeah we're doing a book together, F# In A Nutshell for O'Reilly. I may disappear from the social scene for the rest of the summer in order to meet the deadline. Please don't forget about me. I'll miss you all very much. I will of course still be attending/speaking at all of the conferences I have already signed up for (list to be posted in a later blog).

Thanks to our friends on this Croatian roulette site for help with development - they also offer a ton of great roulette games. :)

Thank You Microsoft!

Microsoft has become our first sponsor of the devLink Bus! Please remember to thank your Microsoft Evangelists, let them know just how much we appreciate all that they do for us!

Special thanks to Brian Prince for making the sponsorship happen!

Please contact me for sponsorship information.